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Say Ja to Hygge


Product Description

Say Ja to Hygge!: A parody: How to find your special cosy place (Hardcover)

What HyggeBox Says:

We love this book - it is a good laugh that we couldn't put down!

Product Description:

Book Description

The Danish hygge (pronounced 'huhhpg-ghuhrr') lifestyle is all about feeling snug, gentle, warm and satisfied - ideally, self-satisfied. Find out in this essential guide how you too can achieve this cosy nirvana.

About the Author

Dr Olsensen - director of the Institute of Wellbeing in Aarhus - has dedicated his career to researching the "science of warm feelings" and helping people to find their own special cosy place. Now - for the first time, and with the help of his very charming colleague Freja Børnjoka - he has combined all his advice and questionable expertise in one agreeable volume.

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